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Monday Mover: February 25th, 2008
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Monday Mover on Collective X
The greatest architect that wasn’t – Tinker Hatfield.  To understand what this man has accomplished you need only think about Michael Jordan.  They teamed up and together designed the greatest sports branding/marketing success story ever.  

Monday Mover is organic.  In order for it to remain vibrant and rewarding, each week must bring compelling information and provocative thought.  One of my readers recently shared “if I miss it this week, it’s okay. The look is second to none, but the content is too similar each week.”  I appreciated that.

Tinker wasn’t afraid of change – neither am I.  Tell me how you feel – CLICK HERE and keep it moving.
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New Look
In order to bring together a rewarding experience for readers and future members of Monday Mover, retailers and service providers want numbers. They want to see engagement. Defined as 1) folks subscribing and 2) folks clicking. Gives the feeling a potential customer exists. I want the same. Thy will be done, you’ll soon eat, sleep, drink and drive with Monday Mover.
Pack your Bags
Last week, I shared three resorts – all of which are very nice.  The winning recipient will enjoy Sunday to Thursday accommodations.  The recipient (Responsible for Travel to/from and ALL other expenses) will be announced on (3/31).  Below are the details that will be evaluated during PACK YOUR BAGS:  

  • You must have an active profile within the Monday Mover group site
  • You must share the MM with at least 50 new people – 30 of which MUST sign up.  
  • You MUST use the FORWARD EMAIL button within the newsletter and the recipient must click the SUBSCRIBE button
Once they subscribe, (if you’d like) have them shoot me an email – tagging you.  EXAMPLE:  Subject: Subscribed per Julia Flynn

Reminder, there will be one recipient randomly drawn based not on the most forwards or new subscribers, but on a minimum of satisfying the criteria above. You can start forwarding this week – get a head start! Any questions – drop me an email or give me a call!
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The main calendar is now published within the Collective X platform. Click the Collective X logo above to create your profile and/or add an event. If interested in pushing an event via the newsletter, please give me a call or send a short email. I will contact you within 24hours. Any event deemed inappropriate will immediately be removed.
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second motive • For aggressive Sales and Sales Management opportunities, please visit our website at Refer your colleagues, friends, family and receive a 5% referral bonus of $250 - $1000 Nordstrom gift card once they accept an offer of employment.
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