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Monday Mover: March 3rd, 2008
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Your attention please.  Corporate malfeasance is most often used when describing disastrous accounting scandals like Arthur Anderson, Enron, Worldcom.  More than 10 years later, the SEC continues to struggle with regulatory systems put in place and some reports doubting their usefulness.  I’m more concerned with documenting personal performance; a different type of accounting scandal.

Employees must always have their next move in mind.  Performance is a key driver in making any quality move (internal or external) happen.  As stated by Karen Otazo in her recent book The Truth About Being a Leader, Truth #4 states “The gaps in your work show up when you move up.”  Performance reviews do more than uncover those gaps.  In a down economy, a drowning industry, or changing fields, the greatest personal accounting tool has always been a performance review.  

Immediately pointing to recent appraisals takes the blink out of making a decision.  Include a W2 and you normally convince a Director, VP of Sales, Principle, and/or Recruiter the search is over.  Scandals make headlines – promotions help you keep your promises.  Read that again.  Your regulatory system should absolutely include a documentation tool that measures and captures your performance.

It’s Monday — thank you — Let’s keep it Moving!
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Healthy Move
Many in business suffer from meeting anxiety. Along with the business-related remedies known to reduce meeting anxiety, such as planning, research and visualization techniques, there are also a few health-related boosters that can help reduce your anxiety. Try eating fish the night before a big meeting. The Omega-3 Fatty Acids found in fish, such as mackerel, trout, albacore tuna and salmon are proven to improve brain development and memory functioning. Some other healthy activities you can do to prepare yourself are getting plenty of rest, eating at least two hours before and doing a few yoga poses such as the Downward Dog. These activities will ensure the maximum oxygen reaches your brain to help your memory and thought process become as efficient as possible.
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Managing Your Online Reputation
In an increasingly wired world, your online reputation--i.e. what people see when they type your name into a Google search--is becoming just as important as your non-virtual reputation. Check out this list of tips for managing your online reputation and you'll be well on your way to impressing potential employers. Gain access to the full article to include helpful tips by logging into the Monday Mover group site and visiting the DISCUSSION area. Use the Collective X logo located below.
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