monday mover :: network so that you do not work 05.05.2008
Monday Mover: May 5th, 2008
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Minding my business...reading a book (PR 2.0). The air thickened and I felt a growing lump in my throat. Let me back up. Returning to Baltimore, I’m seated next to an energetic five year old a few miles in the air. He was all over the place - grandmother had little control. Bless her heart! Conversation initiated...Cayden (nice name) asks my name. He didn’t like it. Suggested my name should be George...George the Monkey.

I shrugged it off. He was only five! Though I must admit he was not as handsome after that comment. I’m sure this scenario has happened in your workplace at some point over time. Do you snap back? Report the situation to a superior? What if the culprit is a far should you let them go? Keep those questions in exchange for the one below.

At what point do we discontinue making excuses for others poor behavior? Rather than provide a three step guide to handling these situations, think about this: The structure of a healthy and employee conscious workplace demands that everyone be held accountable. If given too much rope, one’s bound to round up a few monkeys. You know the saying...”can’t wait to get this monkey off my back.” I’m not George, but I understand that we can’t keep feeding the monkey....excuse...employing.

It’s Monday — let’s keep it moving!
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Today. Call will begin at 12p sharp and last for 15m! Topic: Network marketing...the common truth! Dial In #: (218) 486-1600 / Pin code: 664392#.

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Tech Tip - Txt Msg Professionally
For most CIOs, IT managers and long time computer specialists, text messaging may seem to be part of the hard-to-fathom under-30 culture and little more than a method of trivial cell-to-cell communication. But CIO Magazine says that texting could be one more tool in the IT productivity arsenal--like email and instant messaging. Read More.
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Sometimes people don't network - with you - because they don't know how to network. Help them. Next time you hand someone your business card, jot a quick one or two bullet points on the back that 1) reminds them how you plan to take action on their behalf and 2) triggers their thinking about how they might immediately assist you in making new connections (people, places, or portals).
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