monday mover :: network so that you do not work 05.11.2008
Monday Mover: May 11th, 2008
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Whether you know the specifics or not, know that several industries are doing well in this economy. Don’t blame major media...we’ve allowed their balance sheet to include a line item for distraction. This “industrial success” may not matter much. To you, converting the three ignored vmails and twice as many emails into a live connection is more of your concern.

Arriving home before dark, feeling like little has been accomplished, is not really work life balance. Sitting frustrated in a garage, driveway or parking space, staring at a gas gauge that seems to always flirt with E, is stress. You might like to think its’ brainstorming. Not so much. Times like these have many anemic to chaos. Get dressed...I'll write a quick precription.

Prescription includes focused resiliency. Approach each day with a higher commitment to achieving progress. The amount of progress is not important. Neither is a busy calendar just because. Start by identifying your greatest pain (activities, client, finances, commute, self, etc.). 15m per day. Jotting your thoughts here may help you clear your mind. Get to know you and get rid of the excuses.

It’s Monday -- you are the industry --let’s keep it moving!
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Today. Call will begin at 12p sharp and last for 15m! Topic: Travel Tips that will allow you to get more, pay less and possibly enjoy a write off. Dial In #: (218) 486-1600 / Pin code: 664392#.

Join us next week for another complimentary power call guaranteed to stimulate thought on how you approach building a better business and better employees. Our guest will be Tammy Freeman, Founder, Synergi Group. Tammy will cover marketing your business on next to nothing marketing budgets.

Click here to register now for upcoming calls and automatically be entered into the May drawing for an Ipod Nano. Detailed information will be emailed the Friday before the call ONLY to those that express an interest.
Flying High
Speaking of travel, you may find these websites to be of value. Farecast provides airline ticket pricing search capabilities and USA Today has recently created a blog that keeps you informed on the airline industry.
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Online scheduling software creates a more effective online presence for any business allowing them to turbo charge appointment scheduling. How do you promote your business? Do you need an "INSTANT personal assistant to promote your business online 24 hours a day"? If you answered, YES, click here.
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second motive • For aggressive Sales and Sales Management opportunities, please visit our website at Refer your colleagues, friends, family and receive a 5% referral bonus of $250 - $1000 Nordstrom gift card once they accept an offer of employment.
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