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Monday Mover: May 19th, 2008
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I try to stay five steps ahead of my competition. Problem is, Iím not sure who that is. To be safe....let me exhibit another mean crossover. Faced with complex, open-ended, ever-changing challenges, organizations realize that constant, ongoing innovation is critical if they want to stay ahead of the competition.

I heard (via Fox Cable News) Goldman Sachs is predicting a barrel to be nearly $140 by years end approaching $200 at some point in 2009. I now give thought to which meetings I do face to face. Iím not cheap. Just thinking about how clients perceive my business and fiscal acumen and how that impacts their investment with my team. Just one of many concerns for businesses of all sizes and types.

Areas like fuel costs, information security, changing technologies, and growth are pain points that impact professional survival. These and others effect your individual position and performance. I also heard other countries are drilling off US Coasts, but Congress wonít let American companies do the same. Problem is, Iím not sure who my competition really is. Tell me you are sure!

Itís Monday Ė Iím drilling anyway ó let's keep it moving!
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Power Call
Today. Call will begin at 12p sharp and last for 15m! Topic: Marketing your business with little to no budget. Dial In #: (218) 486-1600 / Pin code: 664392.

Join us next week for another complimentary power call guaranteed to stimulate thought on how you approach building a better business and better employees. Our guest will be Mark A. Fuller, CMP. Mark will cover the often unshared conversation around using your home to really build wealth. An equity management conversation you will not want to miss.

Click here to sign up for upcoming calls and automatically be entered into the May drawing for an Ipod Nano. Detailed Power Call information will be emailed the Friday before the call ONLY
to those that express an interest in participating on a particular call.
Hyperconnected users are growing
Enterprises are facing an exploding "culture of connectivity," with global information workers using an increasing number of devices and applications, according to an IDC study released on Tuesday. Pay special attention to the next to last paragraph -->
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Members of Monday Mover are invited to attend the 11th annual Turning Point Urban Business Summit, to be held June 26-27 at the Sheraton Los Angeles downtown hotel. When you register, enter the Discount Code: MOVER to receive a 10% discount off the full conference or any of the exciting and fun networking events.
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second motive • For aggressive Sales and Sales Management opportunities, please visit our website at Refer your colleagues, friends, family and receive a 5% referral bonus of $250 - $1000 Nordstrom gift card once they accept an offer of employment.
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